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Jane & Kong offer a number of training styles to best suit your fitness goals, these styles include strength training, powerlifting, cardio and small group training.

StrengTh training

Strength training involves the use of weights and resistance to activate the stretch and contraction of muscles. This form of training helps improve muscle strength, bone density and body toning.

We recommend this type of training for those ages 18+. Strength training is a great rehabilitation exercise for those who are looking to recover from an injury, health condition or improve physique.

Strength training is often viewed by woman as a male orientated exercise. Some woman think that by lifting heavy weights they may bulk up quickly, but this is highly unlikely to occur naturally. Strength training can also put off those who suffer from weak joints and ligaments as they may feel as though this form of training can worsen their injuries. In fact, strength training is probably one of the best forms of exercise to improve these health conditions.

Cardiovascular training

Cardiovascular (cardio) training involves exercise that increases the heart rate, by doing this our bodies are allowing more oxygen flow through to our blood stream to reach muscles and increase energy for movement.

We recommend this form of training for all ages, cardio training is best for those who want to improve overall fitness and heart health. We recommend those with high blood pressure to consult with a doctor and a Jane & Kong trainer before booking in a cardio session.

Cardio training is often viewed as the best way to reduce body fat however, this is incorrect. A combination of strength training, cardio training and diet will help you achieve the best results. Cardio training only allows your body to burn calorie. Strength training allows your body to burn calories during and well after the workout through the night.


Powerlifting is one of the more competitive forms of training styles. The main exercises that Jane & Kong specialise in are deadlifts, squats and bench press.

We recommend this type of training for those who are wanting a competitive edge in their training style.

Common misconceptions about powerlifting is that its a male orientated sport, however powerlifting is very gender diverse. Many female competitors are gaining more publicity.

group training

Jane & Kong offer small group training for those who want to train in a team environment. Our group training sessions can range from 2 to 5 people and typically involve circuit style training. A group can be created by yourself with family or friends. Jane & Kong can also arrange a group.

If you're thinking of creating a group with family and friends, we recommend aiming to gather a group of individuals who have similar fitness levels. This will allow your trainer to create circuits that are challenging for everyone and help build strength collectively.


Session Type

1 on 1
2 person group
3 person group
4 person group
5 person group

Session Length

30 minutes- 1 on 1 from $50
45 minutes- 1 on 1 from $70
45 minutes- group from $35
60 minutes- 1 on 1 from $80
2 hour- 1 on 1 from $150

Training type

Strength training
Cardio training
Power Lifting

Extra Facilities


Training at Jane & Kong may mean fitting in your session around your busy scheduals thats why we've installed bathroom and shower services for you to continue with your day after your session.

Coffee Machine

Not a morning person? That's okay! we have a fantastic little coffee machine that'll whip up your perfect brew and help kick-start your day.


At Jane & Kong we provide personal training sessions for those with various health conditions, because of this we take health and safety seriously. Our studio has a fully functioning defibrillator which is read on hand during any emergency.

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