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Jane & Kong are looking for trainers who are passionate about personal training and can bring something unique to our brand. We set a high expectation for our trainers who work under our brand, so we think it's only fair that we provide you with some benefits for working with us.

Special Based pricing

We offer our trainers unique pricing contracts so that your hard work pays off.

access to jane & kongs facilities

you'll have the ability to access Jane & Kong facilities free of charge for yourself and one other person! Whether that is your favourite training buddy or a family member, the choice is up to you.

access to new client networks

We strongly encourage bringing your existing clients along with you, however you'll have the opportunity to gain new customer networks with our already we'll established client database.

team driven environment

We believe that our employees are the glue that keeps our brand strong. We work within an encouraging, team driven workplace to ensure that you love your job as much as we do.


We take a lot of care with our clients and want to ensure that trainers who work for us have the appropriate skills and knoledgee to work under our brand. Some of the things we look for unclude:

Attention to deail

We take training seriously and our clients are a large part of our brand. We need to ensure that our trainers are attentive to their customers and their needs.

Dedication to their clients

Our customers rely on our dedication to our work. We need reliable trainers to help maintain that client expectation.

strong communication

As you would know, personal training is all about communication between the trainer and their client. We need to ensure that our trainers are able to listen to what the customer is working for and tailor their sessions to achieve the best results.

educational qualifications

We need to ensure that our trainers have the appropriate knowledge and skills to work with our clients.


Does this sound like you? Apply for a personal training residency at Jane & Kong by emailing with your current CV and we'll get back to you with further information.

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