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Jane & Kong's founder, Kiani Walk, originally worked at a larger gym organisation where his clients trained in an environment that you would typically see at your local gym. However, he believed that personal training missed one of the most important factors,. It wasn't personal.


With this in mind, Jane & Kong has been designed to allow training to become solely personal. Whilst each client's lifestyle is equally as unique, we aim to ensure that our services are able to best suit your needs. This is why we have allowed our studio to become child friendly, allowing clients who are time poor to fit training into their demanding lifestyles.


Jane & Kong aim to provide personalised training services across Australia and hope to make the brand accessible to those who are passionate about training. Our core business philosophy will drive the brand's success and we hope that you are able to join us along for the ride.

Real Results, no programs and FLEXIBILITY

Our personal training sessions allow us to target your specific goals. This means you will see results faster. Don't believe us? read our testimonials.

We don't believe in programs... ever! We understand that each lifestyle is different and often programs don't accommodate for that.

We understand that training may not be a priority, so you may not be flexible with your time. But that is fine! We've made our time flexible for you.


I have been training with my Jane & Kong trainer for over two years now. The progress I have mad in my lifts still amazes me to this day. My trainers personable client-focused style is backed by his extensive first hand knowledge and a genuine interest in his field. Always researching and building his skill set, my trainer developed many exercises and techniques to help me achieve what I thought was impossible. I cant recommend his service highly enough.
I have trained with my Jane & Kong trainer for the last two years. I started training with him after I had neck surgery. During this time I have become fitter and stronger both physically and mentally. His programs are challenging and upbeat. The sessions always push you harder then what you think you can do. This is always done in an encouraging and supportive way. I have become more aware of my eating habits and have used many meal plans with success to reach and maintain a healthy weight. My trainer is very knowledgeable and focused. He ensures that technique is correct and helps you recover and build strength after injury.
My objectives were to lose weight get some strength back into my body, especially in my arms and hands. I also wanted to improve a general sense of well being. With two training sessions a week and a meal plan, the outcomes have been steady., permanent and very satisfying. I have lost 10-12 kilos and kept it off. My clothes are sitting better on me now, especially my business suits. Training is fun, the exercises and routines are tailored to achieve your individual goals. I highly recommend Jane & Kong to anyone looking to invest in personal training.


Let us try and answer any questions you may have however, if you feel as though you wernt able to find an answer you were looking for, feel free to contact Jane & Kong directly and we'll get back to you shortly.

Not at all. The great thing about personal training is that your trainer will be able to tailor your sessions depending on your level of fitness. If You havent trained before, personal training will allo0w you to learn and develop great training habits and correct form to prevent injuriies from occuring both short-term ab

Unfortunately not. Jane & Kong is only available for personal training only.

Of course! We’ve ensured our gym is child friendly and we’re more than happy for you to bring along the little ones while you train!

The cost of your session will depend on a couple factors, the length of your session and whether its a one-on-one or group session. Session lengths are either 30, 45 or 60 minutes, some clients also opt for 2 hour time slots.  Check out our ‘Services and Pricing’ page to get a better understanding.

We understand that sometimes it might be easier to pay for 10 – 20 sessions up front at a reduced cost. This is something we’re happy to accommodate for. We need only one training session prior to this arrangement to create a package tailored to you.

Yes! Jane & Kong is on Lygon Street, often there is parking out the front and across the road. However, if for some reason these spots are all taken, there is a free private parking available at the rear of the building for Jane & Kong customers only.

Of course! Our Gym has been used for a number of photo-shoots since our openeing. If this is something you’re interseted in please email our customer service team at info@janeandkong.com.au

The number one and six tram stop is across the road from the gym. There is also a number of bus stops located a few blocks away.

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